Who we are.

Welcome to the Queen Elizabeth Hospitality and Tourism Institute

who we are

Uganda is getting more and more recognized worldwide for its astonished Wildlife, natural resources and its authenticity as a great touristic destination. The increasing demand brings Uganda to grow its Infrastructure and Human Resources in Hospitality and Wildlife Tourism in order to receive these new international tourists. Considering this high potential and with the aim of developing the young adult communities by offering them education and job opportunities, ACLEM Foundation has created Queen Elizabeth Hospitality & Tourism Institute (QEHTI).

Our Institute is a unique fusion between theory and practice where local students are able to learn from teachers who also have multiple years of professional experience in their specific fields as well as put them in front of an international learning environment.

The school is located in Katojo, in the Kasese District close to Queen Elizabeth National Park. It will deliver a 1-year program with a Certificate.